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The character and idea of Artoo are owned by Lucasfilm Ltd., see their Copyright Notice for details

Gallery of Wooden Things
Little wooden things one can make as presents when one has the time, the patience - and you can have one made, too!

image Hier geht's zurück zu den Holzschildern!

Why Artoo?
Hey - I found it, Katy!
I found a good name - and it's still free!
Really? You've been talking about that for ages now and nothing happens! What name is it? - Artoo! [Dec. 1999]

The Star Wars Universe (for me) is a living story, a world so fantastically created that it's worth hundred credits and more!

A. Parkhouse, Hamburg, Germany

A little of Artoo's Universe in books


A collection of information.

A collection of useless, but possibly entertaining verses. Comes with my favourite design so far.
[updated 03.Dec.2002]

Thanks to Martin, Artoo is now here. And here he will sit. In case you speak German and want to know more about this exceptional Cartoonist, go here.

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Feedback from a few people in North America and Italy about the Hamburg pages has been fun. Any suggestions of interesting things you'd expect when reading the Hamburg pages is always welcome.

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(Road-)Signs photographed while travelling.
[updated September.2003]

Favourite spreadsheet calculations and what they might be good for

HTML Design

The natural...
...condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.
So what do we do?
Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well...
I don't know, it's a mystery! 

Quote from "Shakespeare in Love", Movie, Universal


Ancient Sprite pages.
That flying star is back again, Katy
[updated Aug.2003]