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It might be a piece of metal and electronics, but it is equipped with exceptional skills. Why? Similar to human beings, or other sentient beings - who knows? -, Artoo lives by and compares to its memory, thus reflecting about the future, or in other words, comparing data. As Artoo's memory hasn't been swiped since the first film/ book (now Episode 4), I consider him a "he", not an "it" - that's probably because
I just like thinking about him as a "he" - the only "female" droid I remember clearly is Guri, and she's definitely not the sort of droid you want to meet.

Movies and Books
The first three films are a set of entertaining stories, with actors who convince the viewer that living on some planet in deep space is as normal as your own home - except all the action, of course. I mean, who would want crazy Hutts invading your house. It didn't take me very long to adjust to thinking in terms of hyperspace, known sectors of space and the Outer Rim.

In the early 1990s Lucasfilm allowed authors to further develop the story by writing books. The content of each book can/ must interact with any other book written about the Starwars Universe. So, in order to write a Starwars book, you have to know about all the other books. I guess that's a difficult task, but it makes reading fun as you always meet characters/ planets again that you might already know about. It's this "ha, I've been here before" effect.

They are a world of their own now, based on the three films that started everything. Some of the books would definitely make a good movie script - but where would your imagination end up when you have to find out that Bothans look different from what you thought, Admiral Pellaeon is a short stubby guy and Mara Jade has pimples. That's why I think it was a good idea of Lucasfilm to come up with something new.



The new film
Hhhmmmm. I like the idea that Anakin Sr. (there is a Junior in the meantime, in the books) started building C-3PO. I don't like the idea about connecting the Jedi to some kind of blood samples. I made the mistake to read the book before I saw the movie. My biggest disappointment was JarJar Binks. I never thought he'd have long arms and legs.

Episode I is an entertaining film, and the acting improves, as during the first 30 minutes I wasn't too impressed by the characters. They somehow didn't convince me. Meanwhile I'm sure [what's his name?] will make a really good Obi Wan in the next film. I'm looking forward to the next movie, but I'm more of a book reader by now. The books have grown to create a imaginative Universe far beyond the movies.