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My first html page was created May 98 with Netscape Composer.
It took me a week to find out that you can open .htm files with a simple text editor. Starting to move or delete tags in the editor and reload the page locally in the browser,
I looked at what happened. Trial and error. Never used Composer again.

I started learning how to use Graphics software and still say thanks to Kard in Sweden for his help at that time. Discovering a good tutorial in German shortly after, I dived into the world of tags. Still paddle around in it from time to time.

The only thing that changed is the use of a sophisticated editor. You get spoilt after a while.

 Get to know one person who knows more about HTML than you do. Get to know three people & distribute your questions evenly among them will minimize the risk of one of them stopping to talk to you.

 Place a calculator on your desk or desktop. It's essential unless you're really good at mental arithmetics.

 Most people I know have an idea of what sort of things they want to put on the net. They need to wrap this idea into a fitting design. In some cases you have the design first and then decide what to put into it. Like me. However, you need an idea what the page is supposed to look like. When in doubt, make a drawing on paper.



 Things I found useful to know learning HTML

  Tricks placing and creating graphics I discovered
    from various sources.

 Local sites (intranet) for documentation