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No, we do not have 24 hour service - except you know where ;-)

Shops in German City Centres and big Shopping Malls
Monday - Friday: 0900-2000
Saturday: 0900-1600
Sunday: closed 
(the opening time may vary plus/minus 2 hours, 8:00 p.m. is definitely closing time, though)

Suburbs, little towns and rural areas
Monday - Friday: 0900-1830 (closing might be earlier)
Saturday: 0900-1300 (closing might be 1200)
Sunday: closed
Things like Bakeries & Newspaper stands are likely to open at six in the morning on a week day.

What is open all the time?
// Gas stations with 24 hour service - easy to find in big cities, difficult if you are in the middle of nowhere, they definitely provide you with snacks, drinks, newspapers (not necessary international), maybe even essential things like a toothbrush or whatever...
// Museums, sightseeing spots & tours, restaurants, bars, clubs... (the first 3 not 24 hours, the others maybe!)
// Your Hotel Reception
// The Internet in case your hotel provides a 'plug-in'

Payment with cards
In case you are in possession of an American Express Card, carry cash, too, this card is not accepted everywhere. Other credit cards, e.g. Mastercard and Visa, are accepted in most any shop or major store.

Since the Euro arrived on January 01, 2002, Europe must have become quite boring for tourists - no more need for half a dozen different currencies anymore! No more different coloured notes, no more queuing at exchange counters.
I have to admit that I like the practical aspect of the Euro. But - I preferred the design of the "Deutsche Mark" (DEM) to the design of the Euro currency. Plus, I still calculate prices in DEM - it will take time for some people to adjust, I think.