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Every Thursday the 'Hamburger Abendblatt' newspaper comes with an extra part that is called 'Live' - this lists all the concerts, movies, theatre plays etc. that are on at the moment. Easy to read. Comes with a calendar of events. Even if you cannot read the rest of the newspaper, it's worth buying.

It can prove useful to have a raincoat or umbrella around somewhere

The subway is a great system and you see more of the City - it's not underground all the time. You can use this timetable to find the best way to get from street A to street B.

Cycle! Bike paths are everywhere! Or maybe rollerblade? (click 'A short note in broken English' at the bottom of the rollerblade page...)

Do the Fishmarket on a Sunday morning only if you partied through the night before - it's too much stress getting up that early on a Sunday morning.

In Winter with absolutely bad weather around it can be worth considering taking the subway/ short bus ride to the airport. I've heard of Taxi's not making it in time :-)

Don't try to attempt driving on the left hand side of the road. All of Europe drives on the right. Only the Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish don't.