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Fishmarket View

 View from the
 Fishmarket towards
 the harbour
 Aug'99 [33K]

Radiance  Farewell Radiance

 Feb'01 [3 pics, 180K]

Strandperle  Strandperle:
 More beer sways
 more ships

 May '00 [18K]

Grosse Freiheit  Sunrise over
 the harbour
 Photo by Thomas

 Aug'00 [38K]

NY in HH  A little bit of
 New York in HH

 Aug'99 [54K]

Burchard Kai  View to the Harbour

 Aug'99 [31K]

 Panoramic Views, October 2004, 2 pictures [70K] NEW
 Queen Mary 2 in Hamburg, 19.07.2004, 3 pictures [90K]
 Fishmarket Flood, 2002 [64K]
 Christmas Tree Inner Alster Lake, 2001[28K]
 New Year at the harbour, 2001/2002, 2 pictures [60K]
 Harbour Birthday, May 2001, 3 pictures [75K]
 Welcome to the Harbour Birthday, May 01 [7K]
 Rainbows at the Harbour Birthday, May 01 [43K]
 Cap San Diego, Real and not so real, May 01 [40K]
 Balconies for rescue, Speicherstadt, May 01 [37K]
 Altona, Council House, April 01 [27K]
 Peterstrasse, April 01 [50K, 2 pictures]
 Kehrwieder, Speicherstadt, Mar'01 [43K]
 Customs museum boat, Feb'01 [49K]
 Nikolai-Fleet, Feb'01 [53]
 Bird rescue at fishmarket [2 pics, 36K]
 Fishmarket Flood, Dec'00 [4 pictures, 119K]
 Welcome to Hamburg, Aug'99 [41K]
 Grosse Freiheit,Reeperbahn, Aug'99 [41K]
 Fleethof: Old mirrors New, Aug'99 [41K]
 Hamburg, St. Michaelis Church near the harbour, Aug'99 [13K]
 Hamburg City Hall "Rathaus" - at the inner Alster Lake, Jun'99 [26K]
 Hamburgs Steps to Heaven, Aug'99 [22K]
 Reeperbahn -nearby street- in daytime, Aug'99 [23K]
 Atlantic Crossing, Aug'99 [48K]
 Partial Eclipse of the sun, 11.Aug.99 [10K]
 Planten & Blomen Water Organ, Jul'99, photo by Peter [52K]
 Planten & Blomen Water Fountain, Jul'99, photo by Peter [31K]
 The outer Alster Lake, Jun'99 [29K]
 The inner Alster Lake, *Binnenalster*, Jun '99 [21K]
 One of the Alster Canals, Jun'99 [17K]
 Cats on houses, Jun'99 [22K]
 The Christmas Tree at the Atlantic Hotel, Dec '98 [22K]
 Christmas Tree on Water *Binnenalster* Dec '98 [17K]
 Architecture looking like a ship, photo by Peter [37K]
 The old Elbe Tunnel, built 1912, photo by Peter [28K]
 Colourful launches at the harbour, photo by Peter [40K]
 Dog-friendly service stations [14K]
 When time stands still, photo by Peter [18K]
 City Harbour on Ice, Winter '96/'97 [31K]