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Site Map

General / Sightseeing

Very pretty (and informative) tourist link. Made by the guys who do the "Build a picture" link (scroll further down)

The official City of Hamburg site - highly improved English version - with link to your roots information

Who was Hans Hummel? The Hummel-figures are all over town!

HafenCity - development of offices and living quarters in the harbour - nice flash movie incl. sound (click "Discovery") for fast connections!

Little summary with listing of sights

Germany: World Factbook

A Visitor in Hamburg - a page with great photos

Virtual walk-around with lots of pictures!

Misc in HH

Artists in Hamburg - overview from Zimmerling

My favourite hairdresser in Hamburg - mein Friseur in Hamburg!

Build a picture! Even if you don't participate, it's fun watching.

Did you know that 'Filk' is a style of music and is also played in Hamburg? This homepage describes it!

Rollerblading in Hamburg - click 'A Short note in broken English' at the bottom of the page. With City Map for Rollerblading!


Hostels listed here

Hotels listed by location - click English flag

Weather/ Time

Webcam: View of the harbour from the opposite point of view; camera mounted on the Cap San Diego - the museum ship in the harbour.

Webcam: View across the Rathausmarkt (centre), click the Olympus button for big view

Webcam: View traffic crawling around the Alster lake - takes a long time to load, sometimes...,

Webcam: Motorway A7, view towards south from Stellingen - (see district map).

What time is it in Hamburg? "CET" (Central European Time).

Webcam of the Port of Hamburg


Hamburg subway, trains and busses (click English flag for english language)

Trains all over Germany, always check for special rates at the counter when you buy your ticket... and click "International Guests" in case it's all German

The Airport - English version

The Port of Hamburg - simply here because I love that site!

Research in Hamburg

Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany - popup leads to Tide predictions

Flying electrons/positrons, protons... been there - very interesting place!

European Molecular Biology Laboratory (I hope I got this right) - same location as the flying electrons...