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Business people come and go, always get stuck in the same restaurants, the tourist map shows destination Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin at the top of the list of sights - Hamburg is probably best known for its 'Schmuddelwetter' (rainy, grey weather ... it happens), its seemingly reserved people and the fact that you can have trillions of business meetings a day.

With one of the largest ports in Europe, more bridges than Venice and the most famous red light district in Germany, gallons of water and lots of green around you, Hamburg is a fun place to live.

Being the centre of trade and the richest city in Germany, Hamburg is also home to a huge international population. Especially due to the hundreds of subsidiaries of multinational companies located here, many English speaking organisations, groups and services can be found. Not to forget all the international students. The sites in English that I could find are listed on the link pages.

On the way to and from Scandinavia many people stop here - probably for 10 minutes at the airport ;) - the official 'Gate to the World' slogan shouldn't be taken so seriously.... 

We have fantastic weather, blue goals and summer! It's just a shame the world cup is over, it was so much fun! Have a good day!

The idea for the Hamburg pages
A. Parkhouse 17.July.2006