Found it
  Heaven is here
  No Parking
  Hop it
  Northern Exposure
  Not seen in daytime
  Tough luck
  You will have to swim
  Both of them
  A long remembered moment
  Family Outing
  Tidy Place
  Give it a really big smile
  Possible, slightly possible
  Climb these for dreams
  Car needs wash
  No glorious rest allowed
  Pity Me
  No Riding in Market
  Lover's Lane
  Barns are boring    


The following you cannot touch unless you stand directly in front of them. You can't take them home because customs will slowly raise an eyebrow when seeing you carry one of them. Many of them are completely useless, few are entertaining, some are special.

The ones that crossed my way had no alternative: they were captured right away. No arguing. No discussion. A click is a click. [Editors Note: Just came to my mind that this sentence works in many situations, huh?]

Give them a try by guessing from the description. A click on the photograph will bring you back to this page.

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