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Flower 01f Why's this?

It's fun. It's useful for me and my work environment. And there might be something you find interesting, too?

What's this?

It's a website that started off with information about Hamburg - because I wanted to learn HTML/ Graphics and needed a subject. Five years later the content has grown, covering different ideas and interests that I came up with. Now it's one of my hobbies, sometimes my test-space for work and my "I think others might give this a laugh, too" area.



Why does every section of have its own design? I like graphics. I like drawing
on the computer - because I think I'm better at that compared to drawing on paper. I'm a 2D table layouter, in favour of clear navigation, readable fonts and (semi-)informational value... When designing, I still have 56/36 K modem connections in mind (because that's what I have at home).

FlowerSome fun comments about my site designs can be found here (mostly in German).

Maintenance - I try to update frequently. Whenever there is something I think others might find interesting as well, I start a new design and create some pages. Everything is linked from (hmm, with the exception of a 404).

Where do these flowers come from? Cologne, Porz-Zündorf! On a cycle tour with my friend Simone over Easter my camara happened to see these tulips.

   Who's this?  

I finished 13 years of school with my majors Maths, English, German and History. After school, I decided to be a cashier at IKEA in Cologne for a few months, because I had to make up my mind what to do next.

I decided to study Economics/ Logistics/ Business at the "Fachhochschule" in Cologne, my majors being Logistics/ Controlling and Personnel Management. While studying I spent one summer semester at the University of California, Berkeley, taking Marketing and Journalism classes.

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My student jobs during 4 years of studying in Cologne included working for: Shell Oil (Accounting projects), IKEA, a Marine Supply Company (Purchasing Dept.), an Advertising Agency and a Journalist.

After studying in Cologne, I worked for Degussa Chemicals in Bonn for half a year, contributing to certifying the plant according to Din ISO 9000ff standards (Quality Audits).

I then worked as a financial controller for 6 years at Sharp Electronics, European Headquarters in Hamburg. I enjoyed "number crunching" very much, especially when I was involved in cross-division IT projects. This was a SAP R2/3- and Excel-heavy job. However, I found that I needed a different working environment, so I decided to try something new.

I worked for Adobe Systems in Hamburg, testing software in its environment. The job required knowledge of different computer platforms, creativity, logical skills and methods of defining/solving problems. I have experience in functional (blackbox) testing, localisation of software and planning and heading small projects.
At the moment I am working for a chemical company, combining number-crunching tasks and website updates/ design.

* * *

ThenWay before all this, I started off in England like this. When I was about three years old, we moved to Germany. Today I live in Hamburg and like this place very much, as I prefer to live near the sea.

Under is never complete nor faultless (best example: The Rug), it is only a hobby. I design small sites for friends once in a while, but I'm far from being a professional website developer.

I like writing all sorts of stories, building my own furniture, some sports (well...) and lately I even found out that plants and flowers survive when I pursuade them to grow. Travelling is once again one of my favourite hobbies.

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