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Hamburg's location (Überseebrücke) 53° 32,6'N 009° 58,6'E

You actually cannot get lost in Hamburg: the street numbering points to the centre. Check the house numbering - the direction in which the house numbers get smaller is the direction to the centre - very nice system!

Hamburg has the highest number of Rover Mini's registered in Germany

The "St. Georg" (buildt 1876) is the oldest steam ship still in service in Germany. You can book trips across the Alster Lake, every day from "Jungfernstieg".

The 10th degree of longitude runs exactly across the Kennedy-Bridge, one of the two bridges between the outer and inner Alster Lake. The degree of longitude is marked on the Kennedy-Bridge with a brass inlet (facing the Atlantic hotel on the roadside towards the outer Alster lake).
It also runs through the "Karstadt" store (big shopping store on Mönckeberg-street: first floor in midst of the perfume. Get yourself lost in all the scent and jump around on the 10th degree.

On a wonderful weekend you have the choice between two "Oceans": the Baltic Sea (45 min. drive) and the North Sea (1 h drive).

It is lucky to throw a 10-Pfennig-coin onto one of the wooden poles posted in the water in the "Speicherstadt" (part of the harbour, where coffee, tea and carpets are stored), if you manage that the coin doesn't fall off. In the Speicherstadt (translates to "Storage Town") you can smell history :)

The Alster Lake is the prettiest flood of North Germany. Some day it will freeze again, and then the whole town parties on the ice again.

The Reeperbahn in Hamburg is also called 'Kiez'. That is because the area around the street named the 'Reeperbahn' is the centre of the red-light district of Hamburg, with many bars, clubs, whatever you want to dance, drink or listen to live-music until the early morning. There are other areas, too, but this is the most well known district. The name of the district is 'St. Pauli', it is near the harbour. See the map to find 'St. Pauli'.

Protons and Electrons/Positrons start jogging underneath Hamburg from time to time? They zoom around a total of around 9 km (5.6 miles) of rings at high speed - and you wouldn't even know ... see 'flying electrons' (link page)

Hamburg is the News City.

With 2302 bridges Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam.

Nearly 50% of all households in Hamburg are single households

Short form for 'Hamburg' is 'HH' - also found on all car registration plates - meaning 'Hansestadt Hamburg' - the only number plate in Germany you can laugh at (quoted from the newspaper 'Hamburger Abendblatt')

Hamburg is runner up in the Energy Globe 2000 award. Among 900 participating cities around the world Hamburg reached 2nd place for its concept "Protecting the climate by modernising".

Normal nautical rules do not apply when sailing on the Alster Lake in the centre of town: here you watch out for 'priority to the right' by all means - the Alster Lake belongs to the City of Hamburg and the landscaping authorities didn't have any idea about nautical rules 100 years ago.

Hamburg's highest 'mountain' is 116 metres above sea level (~ 348 ft) and located in the 'Harburger Mountains' in the district 'Neugraben-Fischbek'.

The oldest lighthouse in Europe is located on the island "Neuwerk", rather far in the direction of the North Sea. The lighthouse was built in 1300 and thus is Hamburg's oldest building - the island of "Neuwerk" belongs to Hamburg.

The area of the city state of Hamburg is 755,3 square kilometres.

Note: Information on this page is quoted from various sources and not necessarily 100% correct. Please check other sources to make sure!