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Where is Hamburg? 37° 46' North   122° 26' West
 53° 32' North   009° 58' East
 41° 17' South  174° 47' East 
Does Hamburg have more bridges than Venice in Italy?
How high above sea level is Hamburgs highest "mountain"?



What is the name of the famous pirate who massively disturbed trade between Hamburg and England?  Simon von Utrecht
 Ole von Beust
 Klaus Störtebeker


Which of these beers are associated with Hamburg? (more than one possible)  Holsten     Warsteiner    Beck's
 Früh   Budweiser   Astra   Foster's


The spring of the Elbe river running through Hamburg is in...  Hungary     Czech Republic    Austria


"Moin!" is the greeting in Hamburg. At what time of day is it used?  in the morning
 in the morning and during the day
 any time of day or night
How many people live in Hamburg?


Old area of storage buildings in the harbour is called... Speicherstadt      Gewürzregal
 Fliegender Teppich


How many tunnels run underneath the Elbe river in Hamburg?


Can you drive a car through all of them?  yes     no


After a ship is towed into one of the 2 floating dry docks in the harbour...

 the submerged dock will rise and lift the
      ship out of the water
the gates of the dock will close and the
      water inside is pumped out

For about 5 years, from 1810-15, Hamburg belonged to...

Who spent his youth in Hamburg?  Paul McCartney (lived here 1957 - 1965)
 Arthur Schopenhauer (lived here 1793-1807)
 J. W. von Goethe (lived here 1755 - 1767)
Two of the following logos belong to football (soccer) clubs in Hamburg - which?
No. 1  No. 2  no. 3  No. 4


When you're new in Hamburg, people call you a...

Questions updated: 30.07.2002
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