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...came when I was always asked the same questions over and over again. I mean, try to explain to a colleague from North America/ Asia/ wherever, who just moved here - why the Thursday is actually a Sunday and that's why the shops are closed. When you've done that  a few times, it's time to do something about it. Like this.
Trying to think of all the simple questions that I'd be curious about when visiting/ planning to stay in a new country/ city.

When I travel, I tend to remember tiny curiosities, things that are completely different to my home. Things that are not necessarily famous places or of important historical value. You've got your camera and travel guide in form of a book or friend for that.
For instance, I never thought it would be so difficult to choose the right mailbox in Prague for my postcards. Or have to challenge an ox to 'see' the date-line. Or develop a habit to drive around max. 80 mph after staying in the US (it's crazy over here to drive that slow at times, but ah, I have the time of the world... :)

I never travel without a book. Even if I'd move, I'd buy a book about the place. Everything important is inside a travel guide. Everybody buys a travel guide. So the only thing I'm trying to do is describe things that are, maybe, not in a book (in this case it's highly likely they were in the newspaper). Maybe things that can be of importance. For instance, when you move to the US, you have no history. And a nobody without a history can't get credit cards. Not even being a highly paid engineer :) You have to prove for one year that you are not a nobody to receive a credit card. Doesn't happen here. You might historically be a nobody, but you do receive a credit card. This doesn't make any sense. But it might be useful to know.

The counter is not anymore on these pages. It used to be on the Hamburg-pages, then on the Signs-pages, until the counter service completely gave up. I stopped the original counter on the Hamburg pages at something around 2-thousand-and-something because the tracker is better. I was at least 400 hits of the original counter myself, anyway. So the tracker came. On June 01, 1999. And now the counter has no job at all. Because it's gone. I miss it, somehow :)

Who wants a tracker? It's her fault *big grin*. It's incredible what these things can find out when you're lacking the benefit of your own domains logfile. I'm interested in... no, basically it shows that I can be very nosey when opportunity smiles at me. As of Jan.02.2000 there is no lack of an own domain anymore. And the tracker gave up, too. Sometime in May 2000.


HTML for me is the ultimate tool to make peace between Mr. Andreesen and Mr. Gates. It would be so bl... boring if all browsers'd show all designs the same way. I turn numbers upside down every day and maybe that's the reason for being interested in site-layout (not anymore, I decided to make a living with computer stuff instead of financial hick-ups). Working on graphics and photos is the little bit of creativity that adds to the compensation of being a number cruncher. Apart from that HTML is the ultimate documentation tool. At least for me.

My neighbour suggested to put ads on my pages to earn money, after we found out that this page actually receives hits. However, I still believe in sharing knowledge, non-commercial, for free and have found many good examples for it. Must've been a great time in the good old days when people were excited to receive emails. Reminiscing colleagues. But I guess the scientific purpose of the net spooks at the back of my mind, and it got stuck there.
I'm not glued to a computer non-stop - except when addictive flashes hit me - as I love travelling and spend every penny for seeing those parts of the world I can reach. Being outside is important for me, I ride my bike to work when possible, do some sports and cycle around the city. I'm a scrabble fan, like reading Star Wars and other fantasy books, e.g. about Hobbits or Boggarts. I don't really surf the net a lot, and in Winter or when being stuck somewhere, I knit, read, build furniture or watch things.